Q: How do you choose who you're helping?

A: We use sources such as local churches, word of mouth, go fund me and requests to find a person / cause to help out. Other than that we also plan to start our own walks and relief funds.

Q: How do I know that you are really donating the 10% to a good cause?

A: This whole company is based on tithes, not just giving 10% of your money but also 10% of you time and talents and efforts and everything that you are. Soon enough however we are starting a youtube channel where we will have short episodes of what we do and who we help.

Q: What are some examples of people/causes you would be helping?

Here are some examples (We are trying to keep this open ended because we do not want any limit on who we can help)

1. Helping out a local family whose struggling with bills
2. Donating to a relief fund after a natural disaster
3. Funding our own cancer walks or fund raisers for any cause
4. Paying for medical bills for someone who needs it
5. Providing warm clothing and food for homeless people

*Eventually we will own and operate our own charity

Q: Why not just donate to charity?

A: Charities keep a portion of your donation, so instead we decided to cut out the middle man and help these people directly from our hands to theirs.

Q: Are you only selling T-shirts?

A: We are selling all sorts of apparel from your head to your toes.
Some examples include but are not limited to;
hats, hoodies, tees, tanks, socks, shorts and yoga pants for both men and woman

Q: What is your Instagram?

A: heartworkapparelcompany 

Q: How can I do more?

A: You don't need us for you to be a positive example to the world, but we are a big step in that direction. You can help make HEARTWORK APPAREL CO. a name to be remembered! The bigger we are the more we can do, and all of that starts with you! In addition, our website will have the option at checkout to donate more on top of your purchase; but that is completely optional.