Ryan Sullivan

 It was the summer of 2013. The days were hot and humid, the worn out grey leather seats of the old Ford F-350 work truck were sticking to my skin. The only thing close to air conditioning that I had to look forward to was the luke warm breeze I catch when I rolled the windows down. As I sat there in the truck, mentally stressed and between jobs, I found myself often letting my mind wander off. Most of my thoughts consisted of "how can I make my mark in the world and still be able to pay my bills?" and "what can I do to that will make me truly happy and make others happy too?" I needed to do something for myself that I could take pride in doing, something that could give me joy for my work, something with a greater purpose, and thus the idea for HEARTWORK APPAREL COMPANY was born. Jeff and I have been friends since 1999, always playing music together dreaming and brainstorming together, no matter the issue. So of course when the idea spawned he was the first person I brought it up to. From there millions of ideas flooded our minds, and to this day we have not stopped making this dream a reality.

                                                Jeffrey Zager

Ever since childhood I loved people; all shapes, sizes, colors and religions. I find such peace in meeting people and becoming acquainted with them, sharing stories and even advice with them. This worked out well in my life because I have been a musician for more than a decade, which was the best source of meeting people and making friends. That didn't quite seem enough though, I wanted to do more, I wanted to make a difference. In 2009 I went to school for psychology in hopes that I could one day be a music therapist, healing and treating people with the love and soul of music. After two years of school I dropped out to pursue my music career, which was amazing for a short while, until the rock and roll life destroyed a couple of our band members. This left me with no degree and only the slight taste of fame in my mouth. Luckily my best friend / band mate / brother from another mother was in the same boat with me. So one day when Ryan was working landscape he came up with the idea of starting a charitable apparel company to fulfill not only our dreams of travel but also my dream of helping people and making a difference. Since then I have spent every minute of everyday thinking and working towards making HEARTWORK APPAREL COMPANY something real. This is a road I m proud to be on, and no matter the obstacles, I will never quit working to preserve humanity.